James Caplin
Executive Coach


Clients say

We’ve done more to move the business forward in the first six months of working with James than we have in the last four years.
— Andy Halliday, co-founder Halliday Marx
James’ coaching is very valuable for high potential people held back by a road block in their thinking, personality or behaviour. His coaching enables them to fulfil their potential.
— Paul Heard, CIO Daimler Chrysler UK
I found James brilliant, challenging, supportive, frank, honest. He quickly learnt how I like to work and adapted appropriately. It is something that I have enjoyed immensely and would not hesitate to do again.
— Jayne Showell, Head of Connect & Telephony Systems Lloyds Banking Group
I’ve seen James work with many people over many years to great effect, helping to transform their effectiveness and build lasting relationships.
— Peter Thornton, Former L&D Manager Mercedes Benz UK